Insulin Syringes


10 x BD 1ml Insulin Syringes with needle 0.33mm x 12.7mm

10 x Terumo 1ml Insulin Syringes with needle 0.5mm x 16mm



For Sale 10 x 1ml BD Insulin Syringes with needle 0.33mm x 12.7mm or 10 x Terumo 1ml Insuin Syringes with 16mm needle. Micro Needes are used for reconstitution of hormones or peptides (HCG, HGH, BPC-157, etc.) and for subcutaneous injections.

Terumo needles are sturdier and don’t bend. They are more suitable for reconstitution. BD insulin syringes have micro needles, which makes injection almost painless.

Famous brands with consistently high quality of product, which won’t break and won’t leak. Made in first world countries with high quality standards. Latex free.

BD Made in USA by Becton, Dickinson and Co

Terumo made in Belgium.

Discreet packaging. Expiry 08/2022

For those, who are afraid of needles, we also offer Alpha GPC, Andarine, Cardarine, Noopept, Oxiracetam, PiracetamPhenibut, and NSI-189 Phosphate which can be taken orally.

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