Viscotears Eye Gel for Dry Eyes – 30 Single Doses


Viscotears. Dry Eye Sterile Drops

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30x Individual doses





Viscotears Single Dose Units 30 pack is used to give comfort during periods of dry and irritated eyes. Packaged in an easy to use individual dose unit, discreet and ideal for traveling or when infrequent usage is required.

The eye drops is essentially artificial tears which moisten dry eyes by replacing or working in addition to natural tears. Viscotears Single Dose Unit remains in the eye for extended periods.

Suitable for Adults: recommended one drop in each eye 3-4 times a day

Simply drop one drop from dose unit into the affected eye(s) as required
Always read patient information leaflet

Long use by date.
Box will be packed flat for postage. If buying more than three boxes, product will be sent in original box.   
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