• Improving memory
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Better cognitive functions
  • Highly effective source of choline
  • Suggested use: 250mg-500mg 1 to 2 times a day


Alpha GPC, is a natural cholinergic compound found in the brain. Alpha GPC treats Alzeimer’s disease and multiple forms of dementias. Alpha-GPC facilitates neurotransmitter production, restoration and repair, allowing for increased motivation and mental clarity.

 With an excellent safety profile, and evidence of neuroprotective benefits, it is the perfect complement to your nootropics of choice. When paired with cognition-enhancing nootropics such as Oxiracetam, Piracetam and Noopept, Alpha-GPC amplifies the brain boosting effects, whilst reducing the risks of headaches.

is a popular compound amongst muscle building supplements because human growth hormone secretion is amplified with administration of Alpha-GPC in response to stimulation via GHRH [1]. One study using Alpha-GPC has found increased attention and reaction time in persons undergoing acute stress [2]. Therefore it is additionally assumed to be a nootropic with cognitive enhancing effects. Since Alpha-GPC is naturally found only in red meat and organ tissue, Alpha-GPC supplement are generally a good alternative for vegans and vegetarians. 

Often used as a highly efficient choline supplement, Alpha-GPC is commonly taken in addition to racetam supplements such as noopept.

Alpha-GPC 50% powder is more usable than the 99% version as it is less hygroscopic (i.e. it absorbs less water from the air).


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