• Pure Powder 99%
  • Supports overall memory
  • Mood support
  • Does not lose potency or cause dependence
  • May reset tolerance to Phenibut
  • Suggested use: 20mg 1-3 times a day


Attention! As all racetam nootropics, it should be taken with Alpha-GPC or other source of Choline to prevent so-called ”racetam headaches”.

Fasoracetam (also known as NS-105, LAM-105, and NFC-1) is a nootropic or smart drug that belongs to the racetam family of drugs Fasoracetam work by way of brain receptors GABA, acetylcholine and glutamate which may increase memory, learning ability, mood and may have anxiolytic properties.  Fasoracetam may increase the response to phenibut by increasing the amount of GABA-B receptors and decreasing tolerance to phenibut. Some people have successfully used it to reset Phenibut tolerance. For more information go to:


User Experiences

  • This stuff is amazing. I took only a small amount of approximately 30 mg and it worked very fast. I felt a sense of calmness and also steady energy that lasted for several hours.”


  •   “Very noticeable anti-anxiety effects in my research experiment. Also seems to improve memory to some noticeable degree.”


  •   “I used fasoracetam too for a while and initially liked the effects, felt a stronger focus on things I did, etc. However, over time I noticed that having focus doesn’t equal doing your work sufficiently or in an intelligent way.”


  •   “The effects of fasoracetam build fairly significantly over the first ten days or so, then at a lesser rate for the next couple of months. Thus the effects you will notice on day ten should be more noticeable than on day one. I started at 20mg/day at ten days out that was a really good dose. Too much and it will make sleep difficult at night and for me, it increases my sensitivity to pain. As time went on 20mg was too much and I cut back to 10mg, then eventually to 5mg and I have been stable at that dose for about ten months now. The calming effects also are more noticeable after a couple of weeks. 


  Side Effects of Fasoracetam include headache and fatigue. Large doses of fasoracetam (> 1,000 mg/day) may cause bradycardia.


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