• Pure Powder 99%
  • Stroke therapy,
  • as antidepressant
  • Increases neuron formation
  • Cognitive function improvement
  • Suggested use: 40mg 2 times a day.



My personal favourite Nootropic, NSI-189 is very versatile and can help with a variety of health and social problems. It is advisable to combine it with small dose of Noopept for anxioitic effect.

If it works for you, the effects can be profound or more subtle but always worthwhile. From the testimonies of my customers, the positive results range from improved ability to play piano, to treating anhedonia, to stopping suicidal thoughts and getting your whole life back. So, I can safely say that this wonderful nootropic is a life-saver to some people. Literally.

These are just a few experiences from people who previously dealt with their problems for years with the help of prescription medications and official medicine:

“I feel as though my viewing lens has been polished and re-calibrated; clear, un-chaotic thoughts flow freely. This is the beginning of enhancement. This is where the pharmaceutical industry tends to draw lines. What if being depressed might be more effectively treated in certain self-loathing types not by rewiring the mind to “like itself”, but by making the mind stronger? There’s an eerie confidence attached to scanning inwardly and finding that you’re more than you were the day before.”

“The number one persistent benefit is the control over emotions. You can think yourself out of bad moods, even anger. I was very angry at something which I was right to be angry about, I just thought “I am angry” and stopped ruminating about it. Returned to normal mental state 30 mins later. Depression is the same way, you think your way out of sadness rather than just repeating the same downward spiral of negative thoughts.”

“It’s one of the most effective things I’ve ever tried. Nothing I’ve ever had has been able to elicit such an actual transformation in thought patterns, behaviour, and the way I perceive my own identity and reality.”

“I feel that this combined with a general mood booster or/and CBT/mindfulness, could have some dramatically positive effects for society.”

“Trust me, I was on NSI-189 2 years ago. Me and my hippocampus have never been better.”


A collection of testimonies from NSI-189 users can be read in the link below.


Credit for it goes to a very helpful and informative forum on Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/Nootropics/ which can be a good place to start learning about nootropics.

NSI-189 can always be supplemented with other cognitive enhancers for cumulative and more versatile effect. Currently, we also offer Alpha GPC, Andarine, Cardarine, Noopept, Oxiracetam, PiracetamPhenibut, and 1ml Insulin Syringes for injectable supplements.


NSI-189 is an actively, clinically studied and approved antidepressant currently under investigation by Neuralstem, Inc. It has shown to significantly stimulate the generation of new neurons. According to completed studies, it was proven that it improves cognitive deficits in depressed patients [1]. A few years ago, the FDA has permitted Neuralstem to pursue intended clinical development of NSI-189 for a variety of other neurological conditions, including traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke, and natural cognitive and memory decline in aging [4].


The mechanism of action of NSI-189 appears to be activation of neurogenesis in the hippocampus and possible enlargement of this structure [1]. The hippocampus is responsible for the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, along with spatial navigation [2]. A reason why nootropic value is attributed to NSI-189.

As most anti-depressant supplements, the idea behind NSI-189 is to attempt to alleviate depression by enhancing neurogenesis in the hippocampus-a brain structure implicated in learning, mood, and memory. The second study phase of Neuralstem concluded that NSI-189 may exhibit pro-cognitive properties associated with increases in prefrontal alpha coherence. Furthermore, NSI-189 produced qEEG changes in high-frequency alpha in the left posterior temporal and parietal regions in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) [5].


In the two clinical studies conducted so far, NSI-189 has shown statistically significant effectiveness in reducing depressive symptoms and is therefore commonly offered as an anti-depressant supplement. NSI-189 is commonly taken as a mood booster.


Multiple studies suggest that NSI-189 is a powerful nootropic covering a very commonly occurring disorder in todays’ world, namely depression. One study to find out its efficacy in depression treatment specifically showed that it is a promising supplement in battling depression that is supported amongst many pharmaceutical institutions [3].


Recommendations vary, however most sources suggest between 20mg and 60mg per day, spread across morning, midday and evening. For smart drugs beginners it is generally advised to start with smaller doses and gradually increase until the personal optimum is reached.


NSI-189 has been found to be safe and well-tolerated with no major side-effects. Some of the side effects of NSI-189 include fatigue or mild sedation, difficulty waking and increased appetite. However, certain side-effects common amongst nootropics may occur when taking higher dosage that recommended, including headache, nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.


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