• Pure Powder 99%
  • Heightens focus, alertness & perception
  • Promotes analytical thinking & memory
  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Oxiracetam should generally be taken with some form of choline, such as Alpha GPC.
  • Suggested dose: Between 400 – 2,400 mg per day


Oxiracetam was the first successor to Piracetam, and studies have shown that improves memory and raises alertness but significantly more potent. It has been shown to increase levels of important neurotransmitters and is still one of the most popular racetams available.

Oxiracetam has been undergone a lot of research on rats, mice and humans. Although no significant benefits are reported for mental diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s disorder, it has shown to help against cognitive decline. This smart drug improves focus, memory and learning in logical, spatial and contextual dimensions. Moreover, it is reported by few investigators that oxiracetam is capable of neuro-protection and repairing of neuro-damage due to alcohol consumption. In short, this cognitive enhancer helps its users in multiple pathways; cognitive as well as neuro-protective.

Due to its stimulating effect, the users of Oxiracetam are instructed to maintain a high Choline level by combining it with a Choline source, like Apha GPC, which is offered in another listing of mine. 

Currently, we also offer Noopept, NSI-189 PhosphatePhenibut, Piracetam.

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